About us


is a Start Up and we act with inspiration. We believe, that travelling is more than enjoying sun, beach and luxury hotel. It is the best way to learn the culture of a foreign country, experience its “soul”and to broaden Your horizon. A journey can build bridges between different cultures. And it can change people forever. We want to make opportunities for respectful and inspiring encounter on a par with each other and responsible tourism.

The Idea: Sustainable Travelling and Responsible Tourism

We want to bring together visitors and locals on a par with each other! In small and medium sized, local, family-run stores that provide an authentic travel experience. With typical topics and activities. With cooking, sports or language courses. From this bridge of exchange and learning both sides will benefit. Influenced by fairness, tolerance and mutual respect.

We share the basic understanding
of the UNWTO “Global Codes of Ethics for Tourism”
of “Forum Anders Reisen” for sustainable travelling
and the idea of fair travelling and responsible tourism from “Brot für die Welt – Tourism Watch”
The exact design and implementation of this basic understanding is not always easy. We are happy to discuss this in this community.

Praying in Thailand
Beten in Thailand


The Implementation

In a first step we want on this website to

  • introduce recommended small local suppliers that meet our philosophy
  • give advice for Sustainable Tourism in recommended areas
  • post interesting news and opinions on our sustainable travel blog

Our recommendations may be subjective, but they are based solely on our belief and not on commercial influences.

If paid advertising is placed on our site, we make this clear by such a reference. The advertiser must in no way conflict with our philosophy.


Join us!

  1. If you like our idea and philosophy and you would like to participate in the construction, Your support is highly appreciated.We are looking for mentors for regions that create such opportunities for encounter. Our mentors
  • live locally and know their environment very well
  • have been born within the area or at least speak the language very well
  • share and live our philosophy of sustainability fully
    As a mentor of a region the tips and recommendations for the region are coming from you. And you can also evaluate best that the recommended provider actually fits into our philosophy.

2. We are also looking for editors, who bring exciting blog posts as well as the by mentors verified sustainable local providers and information on the website so that the whole community can use this information.

3. And last but not least: Join us as a member and rate contributions. Discuss with us on Facebook in the group Sustainable Travelling on https://www.facebook.com/groups/SustainableTravelling