Reluctantly experience authentic history at the War Hostel Sarajevo

Reluctantly experience authentic history at the War Hostel SarajevoSarajevo War Hostel

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Where: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe, Sarajevo

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Adress: Hrvatin 21, 71000 Sarajevo

Website: https://warhostel.com

Email: warhostel@gmail.com

Phone: +38 7603171908

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Anyone who deals with the country’s history as a traveler in Bosnia and Herzegovina will not get around the trauma of the Bosnian war (1992-1995).
Arijan Kurbasic offers with its “War Hostel” an authentic and oppressive atmosphere to deal with the happenings.
His hostel is not just an accommodation, but a project.
As a survivor of the war, he has made it his mission not only to deliver the events, but to leave lasting impressions to the visitor.
You can find an experience report on Welt.de.

In connection with his Sarajevo victory tour an impressive, oppressive experience, which reverberates a long time.

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