SOMMERJUNG – summer camp for adults with digital time out

SOMMERJUNG - summer camp for adults with digital time out

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When: June January February March April May July August September October November December

Where: Europe, Germany, Rostock

Categories: Dancing, Making music, Doing, Hiking, Learning, Meeting people, Sport, Summer Camp

Adress: Strandstra├če 1, 18055 Rostock

Website: https://www.sommerjung.de

Email: info@sommerjung.de

Phone: +491627712040

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“Let us together forget the world and be happy! Discover new hobbies or show the others what you already can … Try on the slackline, go canoe, learn archery, dance or sunbathe in the day, sing in the camp band, play In the improvisational theater, write like Shakespeare or learn how to fire a fire in nature! You can also play volleyball on the lake, walk with stilts or shine in chess, have you ever sat by an old typewriter and a letter by mail in recent years And not sent by mail or whatsapp? ”

This is how the StartUp SUMMERJUNG from Rostock, initiates its program on the website. On the 150,000-square-meter area in the Luneburg Heath, with 3 lakes, beach, meadows and forest, You sing at the camp fire, love letters are written on the typewriter, You dance barefoot through the night.

Every adult who is willing to forget the technique and time for this time out is welcome. An exciting trip to escape the constraints of an ever-faster time (at least for a few moments) and to look back on people, nature and yourself.

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