Boracay Shutdown and its consequences

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Boracay suffered from mass tourism in the recent years. The beach paradise became overcrowded, environment was polluted and destroyed. The big money was too tempting. Now president Duterte did what only an autocrat can do: he shut down the complete island for six months due to clean up, improve infrastructure and demolish illegal buildings and businesses. A radical step. Is that the way to counter the consequences of mass tourism?

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“A Liter of Light”: A worldwide Project, which lightens up Life

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The innovative power of the world serves in the rich parts of the world usually the gods of commerce: Still more cool gimmicks that will produce more profit. It is good to report on inventions that help those who can not even afford the necessities of life instead of cool gimmicks. “A Liter of Light” is such a great invention that has become a global mass movement. A video illustrates the principle: A bottle filled with water breaks and the sunlight and illuminates the previously dark accommodation.

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Thailand closes island in Similan National Park

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Due to overfill the Thai Gouvernment closed the tourist island Koh Tachai in Similan Nationalpark. You can call it self-defence. When crowds of tourists are flowing it is good for the pockets of the locals in the short term. But nobody likes to visit crowded beaches. And with irreparable damage of nature You bite the hand that feeds You.

This decision of Thai gouvernment is probably unpopular. But it is urgently necessary for sustainability reasons.

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Results of “Clearing up” Phuket Beaches

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In their new Internet-spot the “Phuket News” likes the cleared beaches in Phuket. Interrupted by commercials of foreign companies.
But I think that is a biased point of view. Yes, now the beaches look idyllic and “proper”. But where are all the local merchants and restaurants? Who will benefit are still the commercial luxury resorts and corrupt deciders. Where are the locals?

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